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Adapt & Overcome

Here at the brewery we’re always trying to keep everything running smoothly, but sometimes a “curve ball is thrown at you” and you have two options.  Fail or adapt and overcome, naturally failure is not an option here at the brewery.  Today we crafted a new beer to our beer arsenal, the American Witbier.  We had two issues to overcome; one was “Old Man Winter’s” brutality, the other was an efficiency issue during our sparge.  We overcame our cold issue by using a unique lager strain to ferment our brew with.  The efficiency blunder actually worked in our favor, although it’s never a great thing to waste a portion of the grain bill.  Beer nerd specs soon to come for this fantastic new beer we have to offer!


Even the Best Can Be Improved Upon!

Here at the brewery we’re always looking for a way to improve our beers, whether it’s improving the malt, hops, water, or yeast.  Our Copperhead Ale is under going a revised fermentation regiment.  Instead of only using the usual yeast strain to ferment with, we’re blending our usual strain with a new one to achieve a better beer as a end result.  Cheers!

Copperhead undergoing First Wort Hopping


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