Pottsville Common

Pottsville Common, Our own interpretation of the famous beer made in Pottsville, PA: 4.2% ABV

Grains: Pilsner, Maize, Crystal 60
Hops: Target, Cascade

Many have tried, most have failed to make a comparable beer to the Great All-American Beer Yuengling Traditional Lager.  Out of our lagers this is the quickest from grain to glass, it undergoes a strict temperature regime for fermentation and lagering.

Tasting Notes: From the nose it has virtually minimal hop aroma, it has extremely subtle citrusy notes from the hops.  Low bodied and has a slight sweetness from the maize, this beer is has a flawless malt to hop ratio that has you keep coming back for more.

Food Pairing Suggestions: Buffalo Wings and Blue Cheese or Meat Lovers Pizza

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