Lokie’s Bloed Ale

Lokie’s Bloed Ale – dubbed “Lokie’s Bloed”: 6.2% ABV

Grains: Pilsner, Crystal, Handcrafted Belgian Candi
Hops: Target, Challenger
Adjuncts: Coriander

Inspired from the Belgian Specialty Ales, this beer utilized hand-crafted Belgian Candi Sugar and fresh coriander seed to compliment the spiciness from the Challenger hops.  Lokie’s Bloed is fermented close to lagering temperatures and is lagered for several weeks prior to packaging.

Tasting Notes:  In the pint glass, it’s slightly hazy and holds a orange-hued-golden color.  To the nose it holds a citrusy-notes from the coriander seeds, some spicy notes are present from the Challenger hops, some raison like notes are also present.  Holding a long lasting lace-like-small-foamy-head.  Medium-bodied, it holds a wonderful wood-like-spiciness with a hint of citrusy-raison-like flavor that is not cloying.

Food Pairing Suggestions: Duck Pad Thai w/ Egg Fried rice

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