Union Vanilla Caramel Cream Ale

Union Vanilla Caramel Cream Ale 2011: 6.8% ABV

Grains: American 2 Row, Winter Wheat, Crystal
Hops: Cascade, Challenger, German Hallertau
Adjuncts: Madagascar Vanilla Beans, Lactose

Developed for Mr. and Mrs. Hunters wedding in Sept 2010.  The original recipe was made to be a low ABV percentage to be consumed in high quantities.  Mr. and Mrs. Hunter kept a 750ml bottle to open on their first anniversary.  The current version was nade for maximum vanilla and caramel flavoring.

Tasting Notes:  From the nose it has a warm vanilla and caramel aromas and a delicate aroma from the Hallertau hops.  Having a medium body this beer goes down very smooth; on the palate the vanilla is present but not cloying.  Residual sweetness is from the Crystal malts and added Lactose.

**Warning, if you are lactose intolerant this beer contains lactose!!

Food Pairing Suggestions: N/A

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