Xmas Irish Red Ale

Xmas Irish Red Ale – dubbed “Xmas IRA”: 5.7% ABV

Grains: Pilsner, Vienna, Chocolate, Roasted Barley
Hops: Target, Challenger, Styrian Goldings
Adjuncts: Cinnamon

Christmas is about enjoying your friends and family, why not enjoy a Christmas spirited brew with them? For those who have some Irish in them will definitely love this Christmas themed IRA.  Using German based malts and mashing methods; fuzing the finest UK based hops and specialty malts and American Amish Cinnamon this IRA is definitely one of a kind with its dark ruby red color and incredibly long lasting head!

Tasting Notes:  To the nose it holds Chocolate aromas with subtle hoppy aromas from the Styrian Goldings.  It’s medium bodied with elegant depths of Chocolaty-Cinnamon goodness.  It finishes surprisingly dry begging you to drink more.

Food Pairing Suggestions: Irish Smoked Salmon or Roasted Goose with Potatoes.

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