What a Busy Month April Has Been!!

Wow..this month is waay to busy!  Between doing our taxes, April fools, April 20th (for those who do celebrate), Tasting Party’s, Brewing several batches, School, and work.  April is almost over with thankfully, but it definitely won’t be forgotten.  Our brewery’s 4th Tasting Party was quite the success!  Thanks to those who all came, we’re extremely happy when our fans are impressed with the beer.  Unfortunately, we’re bad at remembering to take pictures..but we managed to snag a few pictures before everyone got too trashed!  We were able to compare a still mead to a effervescent mead that was aged well over 8 months from our good friend Oliver, and boy was it sure good!


The head brewmaster’s wife made a batch of White Sangria and Red Sangria as well for the events!  Rumor has it the brewmaster finished off the Sangria…lol.

We couldn’t thank everyone enough for the support!



We were happy that everyone had a great time and got home safely! =D

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