Big n’ Stout

Many advanced homebrewers will agree that some beers are hard to mess up.  For instance,  Brown Ales, Porters, Stouts, and several others.  Now it may be hard to mess up these so called “easy to brew beers”, it takes a lot of passion and talent to make these types of beers stand out among the rest.  Our Sol’s Extra Stout may not compare to Guinness, but it has it’s place amongst this particular style of beer.   We take the finest coffee Arabica coffee grounds and cold brew it for 72 hours to ensure maximum flavor extraction without the bitterness that traditional brewed coffee produces.  We add the coffee as we rack (transferring beer to another fermenter) into the secondary fermenter (for clarity and conditioning) and cold condition at 45F for several weeks before bottling or kegging.  Sol’s will be ready around the beginning of May, so while you wait come to the brewhouse during our Tasting Party on April 14th and enjoy our beers in the meantime!

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