We’d Like to Dedicate this One to the Ladies!!


Let’s face it, beer isn’t always appealing to the ladies.  Us guys love hoppy beers, malty beers, and balanced beers for the most part.  Ladies instead, like to enjoy a fine wine or a mixed drink for the most part.  But how do we appeal beer to the ladies you might ask?  Well, here at the brewery we have an answer to introduce beer to your sister, girlfriend, wife, or momma!  The Union Vanilla Caramel Cream Ale (UVCCA) is an amazing beer that is both appealing to us men and to our ladies.  But we should forwarn you now, if you’re lactose intolerant..avoid this beer.  Our good friend’s that inspired us to create this beer enjoyed it at their wedding back in 2010.  During fermentation we plan on soaking the gourmet Madagascar vanilla beans in Ciroc Vodka for optimum vanillin extraction and of course..to sanitize the beans in a separate container.  When finished fermenting we’ll add the vanilla extract and beans to the secondary and let it age to perfection at lagering temperatures.  By the time it hits the keg to be served it’ll have an endless Waltz on your palate with notes of caramel (from select crystal malts) and vanilla that will keep you coming back for another pint full!

Cheers -James

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