Consistency is a must! So are risks?

Copperhead in the Mash Tun!

*Phew* What a busy week it’s been at the brewery!  Within the past 7 days we’ve handled over 6 different batches of beer, or ~30 gallons of beer.  What are we doing with all this beer you ask?  Well, we’re preparing for our next “Tasting Party” of course which is scheduled for sometime in April!  Today we crafted our Flagship brew Copperhead Ale (v1.3.1.2), we haven’t sampled our “yeast experiment” from our last batch as of yet.  But we decided to take a risk and proceed with the v. fermentation prototype regiment.  After care consideration, we decided to drop the original specific gravity by 4 points per gallon (1.054 -> 1.050) and adjusted the mash schedule to match those gravity changes.

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