‘Tis the Season of the Bocks

     Bocks are some of the most elegant, yet strong lagers known to man.  There are many sub categories to this amazing style of beer.  You have the Traditional Bock, Maibock/Helles Bock, Dopplebock, Dunkles Bock, and the elusive Eisbock.  Our brewery chose the Dopplebock to craft for several reasons.  It has a significant historical impact in our beer history, but it also served as a sole food source for the monks who were on lent way back when.
   The Dopplebock is full bodied and very malty beer.  No hop aroma or flavor.  Slight chocolately/roasted flavors can be found in these dark versions of the Dopplebock.  It also has low fruitiness or other off-flavorings.  Normally amber to dark brown in color it is a bigger version of the Traditional Bock or Helles Bock.  Using Continental noble hops and moderate carbonate water this beer goes down very smooth.  A German Brewmaster once said “The key to making a great Bock is to have the drinker not realize how strong it is until he stands up…”
   After a glorious brew session we came up with our own Dopplebock and it weighs in at an outstanding 19.8° Plato!  It won’t be ready until Springtime, so in the meantime enjoy some of our Christmas brews!

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