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Crafting the Finest Ales & Lagers, 5 Gallons at a Time

  Project Norse God Microbrewery is a concept brewery in it’s planning stages to open up in the near future.  We strive to give the best beer possible to our customers by using innovative brewing and engineering techniques.  So come by the brewhouse and we’ll raise a glass with you.

We use only the freshest and highest quality malts and hops in our beers. Using innovative yeast propagation techniques and temperature controlled environments our beers are worthy of the title “Nectar of the Gods”.

Consistency is imperative to our beers; from our ingredient suppliers and water quality, to our brewing methods. This ensures the same product to be reproduced over and over for our beers.

Reinheitsgebot – Also known as the “German Purity Law” was implemented in 1516. All beers will be made with Malt, Hops, Water, and Yeast (later amendend). Although this law is no longer in effect, many brewers still abide by this purity law. We abide by this law only if the style requires us do to so.

Check us out and grab a pint of our Flagship brew Copperhead Ale! The brewhouse is always improving beer as we know it and trying to set the bar higher for beer drinkers around the world!

Interested in helping turn this concept brewery into a reality?  You can help by either attending a Tasting Party or Donating Here!

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