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BiH, A Well Kept Secret

Recently I went to ČapljinaBosnia i Herzegovina (BiH) for several weeks with several friends.  It was an absolute blast, the beer is good, the food is great, and the people were friendly.  Coming from the States, UK, or Europe, money goes a long way over there for the time being at the bars and clubs.  The nightscene is very lively with many young adults socializing and have a great time.  At this one bar we stopped at, they had a Catwalk for models to entertain the patrons.  That very same night, next to that bar was another bar that held dancing cage girls.  The locals are extremely friendly and humble, they are extremely proud and I can’t emphasize on their hospitality as well.

There is another thing about BiH that everyone should be aware of, their wine is some of the best I’ve had in quite some time!  There’s vineyards stretching for miles and miles between Čapljina and Mostar.  We met some good people while we were in BiH and had some good times.  We were sad when it was time to come home, but it’s definitely a country that everyone should visit at some point in their life!

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