Less is More

Today at the brewery we decided to craft the almighty American Pale Ale (APA), since last week we crafted the Classic American Pilsner (CAP).  Sometimes we overlook the fact that less is more.  We had an epiphany while crafting the CAP, looking at the simplicity of the CAP’s grain bill.  We thought the same should be applied to the APA as well.  So we revised the original APA recipe and decided to focus on the APA’s finest qualities that it’s known for.  Slight caramel maltiness with forward assertive hoppiness.  A simple 2 variety grain bill consisting of pilsner and crystal 40L malt was implemented with two hops varieties, Amarillo and Cascade.  What can we say?  We’re always striving to create the best beer possible!  After a 45 day fermentation regiment, it will be ready to be enjoyed!


– James

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