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Wow what a busy day it was at the brewery today, we brewed a Belgian Specialty Ale that we dubbed “Lokie’s Bloed Ale”.  Then we kegged 2 other batches of beer to carb’ up in time for the Tasting Party that’s scheduled for the 14th later this month.  We’ve also been conducting multiple experiments with our beers, grains, yeasts, and hop combinations the past several weeks.  Without even realizing it, our house strain of yeast decided to turn to the dirty side while we weren’t looking (it mutated).  For those “beer nerds” out there, our house strain became less flocculant and more attenuative.  Also be on the look out on the websites main page!  We posted a survey requesting your guidance on our next move!


Big n’ Stout

Many advanced homebrewers will agree that some beers are hard to mess up.  For instance,  Brown Ales, Porters, Stouts, and several others.  Now it may be hard to mess up these so called “easy to brew beers”, it takes a lot of passion and talent to make these types of beers stand out among the rest.  Our Sol’s Extra Stout may not compare to Guinness, but it has it’s place amongst this particular style of beer.   We take the finest coffee Arabica coffee grounds and cold brew it for 72 hours to ensure maximum flavor extraction without the bitterness that traditional brewed coffee produces.  We add the coffee as we rack (transferring beer to another fermenter) into the secondary fermenter (for clarity and conditioning) and cold condition at 45F for several weeks before bottling or kegging.  Sol’s will be ready around the beginning of May, so while you wait come to the brewhouse during our Tasting Party on April 14th and enjoy our beers in the meantime!

Tasting Party!!

It’s been far too long since our brewery’s last tasting party.  Due to the great grain shortage of December 2011 (aka – we didn’t order grains in time) there was a delay of beers being crafted.  Now that we’re on the right track once again and able to take orders and soon be able to meet the demands of our customers.  We’re pleased to announce that on 14 April 2012 @ 4:00 pm, we’re hosting a tasting party for those who love our beers.  As always, it’s free to come and experience our beers.  Although we require you to have a designated driver if you plan to get “tipsy”.  Also if you’re the one to experience “drunken muchies”, feel free to bring a dish or dessert over.  Since we provide “free beer” we don’t feel obligated to provide “free food”.  If you’re interested in partaking in our breweries 4th Tasting Party, don’t hesitate to contact us at and we’ll provide detailed directions to the brewery!  One more thing, if you plan to attend or plan on bringing a friend to try our sensationable beers.  Remember this one thing, if you wouldn’t bring them to your house, don’t bring them to ours!!!

Tasting Party

14 April 2012

4pm – ???

Attire: Casual

Food: BYOF

Beer Line-up: Dopplebock, Copperhead Ale, UVCCA, Munich Helles

Possible beers to also try: Classic American Pilsner & APA



Less is More

Today at the brewery we decided to craft the almighty American Pale Ale (APA), since last week we crafted the Classic American Pilsner (CAP).  Sometimes we overlook the fact that less is more.  We had an epiphany while crafting the CAP, looking at the simplicity of the CAP’s grain bill.  We thought the same should be applied to the APA as well.  So we revised the original APA recipe and decided to focus on the APA’s finest qualities that it’s known for.  Slight caramel maltiness with forward assertive hoppiness.  A simple 2 variety grain bill consisting of pilsner and crystal 40L malt was implemented with two hops varieties, Amarillo and Cascade.  What can we say?  We’re always striving to create the best beer possible!  After a 45 day fermentation regiment, it will be ready to be enjoyed!


– James

Sustaining & Propagation of Yeasts is Child’s Play ‘Round These Parts!

24 hours on the Stir Plate

Sustaining and the propagation of yeast cultures is one of the most difficult tasks in a brewery.  Yeast is a living organism, so they require special care, food, nutrients, water, and even AIR!  Anyone can go to the homebrew shop and pitch a “smack pack” or “vial” of yeast into their wort, it takes a special breed of beer nerds to go above the call of duty and sustain and propagate yeasts.  We use specialized “yeast food” that’s derived from Dry Malt Extract (DME), but we add additional nutrients and special water that yeast go crazy over.  We even inject clean air into the starter flask that’s scrubbed from all VOC’s and particles up to 3 microns in size.  When you think that’s enough we continuously monitor temperatures to ensure optimum results.  The result from going “above and beyond” is in the beer itself…or a picture or two!

Consistency is a must! So are risks?

Copperhead in the Mash Tun!

*Phew* What a busy week it’s been at the brewery!  Within the past 7 days we’ve handled over 6 different batches of beer, or ~30 gallons of beer.  What are we doing with all this beer you ask?  Well, we’re preparing for our next “Tasting Party” of course which is scheduled for sometime in April!  Today we crafted our Flagship brew Copperhead Ale (v1.3.1.2), we haven’t sampled our “yeast experiment” from our last batch as of yet.  But we decided to take a risk and proceed with the v. fermentation prototype regiment.  After care consideration, we decided to drop the original specific gravity by 4 points per gallon (1.054 -> 1.050) and adjusted the mash schedule to match those gravity changes.

We’d Like to Dedicate this One to the Ladies!!


Let’s face it, beer isn’t always appealing to the ladies.  Us guys love hoppy beers, malty beers, and balanced beers for the most part.  Ladies instead, like to enjoy a fine wine or a mixed drink for the most part.  But how do we appeal beer to the ladies you might ask?  Well, here at the brewery we have an answer to introduce beer to your sister, girlfriend, wife, or momma!  The Union Vanilla Caramel Cream Ale (UVCCA) is an amazing beer that is both appealing to us men and to our ladies.  But we should forwarn you now, if you’re lactose intolerant..avoid this beer.  Our good friend’s that inspired us to create this beer enjoyed it at their wedding back in 2010.  During fermentation we plan on soaking the gourmet Madagascar vanilla beans in Ciroc Vodka for optimum vanillin extraction and of sanitize the beans in a separate container.  When finished fermenting we’ll add the vanilla extract and beans to the secondary and let it age to perfection at lagering temperatures.  By the time it hits the keg to be served it’ll have an endless Waltz on your palate with notes of caramel (from select crystal malts) and vanilla that will keep you coming back for another pint full!

Cheers -James

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